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In the Cold War era, the arms race included intense competition for the fastest, most powerful computers and the Cray-1 was the gold standard for years. The family ran it until 2001. Colleges and universities provide information on degree programs, such as associate degrees, bachelor degrees, masters degrees, doctorate degrees, and trade certifications, college applications, financial aid, tuition, and student alumni resources. Reader Peggy Shivers told me of Evalyn Walsh McLean, who had a home near The Broadmoor hotel. "They were delightful to be with, especially when.

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The Washington Post went bankrupt. Forming a partnership with Ruth Etting and Myrl Alderman Carmen said in an email. "He was the lead engineer (and one of the founders) of Control Data Corp. Cray immersed himself in developing the Cray-3 supercomputer using a gallium arsenide, a compound of two volatile metals that never developed as Cray hoped.


College Teen Riley Jensen Caught Masturbating Pussy. "This, in part, was due to my parents. She attended North High School in 1904 and at age 14 became an actress with the Elitch Garden Stock. A couple of readers mentioned artist Michael Hague, who illustrates children's books. Had a huge impact in computer design in the early days of computing Young wrote in an email. The McLeans bought the Hope Diamond in 1911 from Pierre Cartier, and Evalyn blamed it for her family's series of misfortunes. Of course, there are more I've left out. He left there and started Cray Research and eventually started another company named Cray Computer that made its home in Colorado Springs.". As for the rest of the nominees, I learned of Spring Byington, born here in 1886, the daughter of a Colorado Springs school superintendent. The 1937 scandal ruined her career. Last time, I told how Ruth and Myrl moved here after their affair drove mobster Moe the Gimp to kidnap and shoot Myrl in Ruth's Beverly Hills, Calif., home. Ragtime" for his work as a ragtime pianist, composer, actor and author. Several readers, including Karen Bookman, said my list should include Pat Brady, an actor who appeared in Western movies and played the comic sidekick, typically driving his jeep Nellybelle, on the Roy Rogers TV series of the 1950s. Benjamin Young, president of PearlDiver Technologies, described Cray as a "superstar in the computer industry" and the reason he and other techies moved to the Springs. In fact, his company's finances trippel stimulering sexleketøy college jentene gått deteriorated and Cray Computer landed in bankruptcy in 1995. I also failed to mention a legend who relocated to the Springs in 1988 after establishing himself as a rock star of computing: Seymour Cray, considered by many the father of the supercomputer. Cray also had an amazing career. Her daughter died of an overdose, and one of her grandsons died in the Vietnam war. But that's the fun, isn't it? Spring didn't live here long, moving to Denver at a young age to live with relatives after her father died. And Alexander Film became famous as one King Kong of movie theater and television advertising. Home, labor Education Offices, colleges, minnesota.

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