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_ " At this Conference I received an appointment to Sussex Circuit, in Virginia. They had established themselves in every county in Delaware and Maryland. True repentance leaves such dislike to sin in those who have experienced the love of God, that it requires the well-circum- stanced sin some powerful temptation addressed to the strongest propensities of fallen nature to accomplish. I am filled with love from day to day. 130 rise OF methodism 1774. On the last evening of this year, some of the officers of Howe's army acted a play in New York called " The Devil to Pay in the West Indies." After this was performed they made themselves drunk, and went reeling and yelling through the. Strawbridge's movements in Frederick county,." We have seen that in 1801 Bishop Asbury came to a more correct understanding of the matter, and entered in his jour- nal the truth, which we presume he had then and there obtained : thus correcting all that. The longest preaching tour that the Rev. In this relation, he continued to the end of life.

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I knew a great deal of the prayer-book by heart, and. The preacher in Frederick Circuit was under a business necessity of coming into Baltimore ; so we exchanged, and I went to Frederick the third time. While in Philadelphia, at this time, he says, " We dined. C, and a small class was formed. "Between him and Rev. Here I had to appear before parson Kain and others.

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paradise hotel tine knulle venn Grace's jwho lived at Coventry. Our last quarterly meeting for the year was held in the neighborhood of Bladensburg.

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He saw death approaching to summon him to eternity, and hell was to be his doom. Pilmoor arrived at Portsmouth, on his return from the South, he heard two men swearing horribly. Church." As epic poetry attained its perfection in Homer, its father, so modern church symmetry in Philadelphia. About the year 1795, he was settled on his large estate on Bohemia Manor. In 1855, the Tabernacle. He now had trouble enough between consummating the race and hushing the clamors of an awakened conscience. On my way I lay sick two weeks at the house. He says, "Next day at my appointment, God attended the word with power : many wept, both white and black. Gates, the 32* 378 bise OP methodism 1783. The next morning, after they had breakfasted together. In 1780 he located. She held out promises of easily-acquired property and immediate gains. From this Conference. Since 1787, he labored in the New nakne damer på stranda toppløse damer York Conference. The son replied, " Fa- ther, the influence which draws me to the Methodists, is good, and conscience and heaven approve." Thomas, finally, made a profession of religion, and joined society. I have fought a good fight of faith, I have finished my course. She was deservedly called Good Queen Anne on ac- count of her mild though firm temper, for relinquishing a hundred thousand pounds of her annual income for the public service, and giving a large portion of the revenue derived from the church for the benefit. The increased attendance of the common people from Sab- bath to Sabbath, the tears that fell from their eyes, and some abatement of profanity, encouraged him to persevere. Boardmau, it seems, succeeded. At Shepherdstown he was permitted to preach in the church. Captain Webb's death was sudden, but not unexpected to him ; for he had a presentiment that his end was near, and had given directions concerning the place and manner of his interment, adding, " I should prefer a triumphant death, but I may. 372 eise OF methodism 1783. This class of dreams are much the most numerous. This mighty outpouring of the Spirit continued for more than two hours. Such was her experience at sixteen years of age. Next day James Sterling came to meeting, stayed in class, and spoke much as I had heard and seen in my dream. It immediately occurred to me that Whitworth had proved treacherous, and that the object was to send me to Kent Circuit. About the same time. Brother Pedicord, having obtained an encouraging answer from God, said, " Father Abbott, do not be discouraged ; these people will yet hunger and thirst after the word of God." Soon after, Isaac Holladay, of Lower Penn's Neck, opened his house for Methodist preach- ing. At night Brother Cloud preached, and Brother Sterling exhorted. 119 "With zeal for God, with love of souls inspired ; iSor awed by dangers, nor by labors tired, Boardman in distant worlds proclaimed the word To multitudes, and turned them to his Lord. George Whitefield sailed for Georgia, for the purpose of 2 (i3j 14 rise OF methodism 1737-8-9.

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